Buying or leasing a new vehicle?

Are you a Canadian that has been worrying yourself to death about your credit score while trying to determine how to go about buying or leasing a new vehicle?

We Can Help You Can Financing!

Do you live in Toronto and wonder if you're ever going to get a new car because of your credit score that has plummeted over the past year or two? Here is some information to help your fears and hopefully give you some insight that will give you the courage to get up from your situation. With the economy ever changing, the financial world isn't as stable as it use to be, but we can help you.

Financing Companies Can Help

Financing companies have started to adjust to this reality, accommodating individuals with sub-par of 'bad' credit scores. Now there are other factors that are often taken into consideration. Being able to show a steady proof of income is certainly something that will benefit any individual living in Toronto, Canada who has been struggling with a credit score and past financial hardships but is now on his or her feet and ready to drive a new car off of the lot.

Great Rates For Everyone

Also, while you might have to start off with a high interest rate, don't let that necessarily deter you from a lease or purchase. Remember, there is always refinancing and you could do this just six months out from your initial deal. Another option is to have a co-signer. Does your significant other have better credit than you? Can a family member aid in making your car buying or leasing power higher than it currently is? If so, you shouldn't hesitate to ask.

So how does it work?

Our website offers car buyers with access to lenders and provides an interest-rate estimator to guide individuals in ascertaining the APR the are likely to receive. We also cater to bankrupt clients and we mandate buyers to have a minimum income of $1800. Also, borrowers are restricted in purchasing cars that have fewer than 100,000 miles or more than seven years old.

Bad credit or No credit ok!

Bad credit can limit you from accessing financing from different institutions and banks, but no matter how your credit profile is we will try to help you out. We work with the largest and the most reputable online auto loan finance companies to ensure you get a loan even with bad credit or no credit.

Fast Application Process

There is always a long process with accessing a car loan with or without bad credit, but we have made the application and the loan process easy for you. It will merely take you minutes to finish the application, and you will know in a minute the amount of credit you will get.

Find A Vehicle For You

Finding the car to meet your standards may be hard but we also work with the car dealers in Toronto, Canada, and other areas to ensure you get the vehicle of your price range; its a win-win process for all of us. Should you decide to refinance, we are ready to help.


Find A Loan

Find A Loan